Phil Kennedy, Jr.

Phil was a big supporter of junior racers, traveling throughout the Midwest towing his large Airstream trailer with his black Cadillac, while supporting the efforts of his son Phil Kennedy, III and many other junior riders. Phil junior was a man of means and he liked supplying his son with some of the best equipment available, one of his favorite frame manufactures was Harry Quinn, a preeminent British frame builder.  Young Phil was almost certainly one of the first Junior riders to have a Teledyne Titan, one of the very first titanium bicycle frames, built in the early 1970’s.

Phil, Jr. often hosted club meetings in his home and offered his legal expertise to the club.  Before there was anything like the disposable Tyvek race numbers used today clubs would have to have sets of reusable numbers. These numbers were often made from cloth with stenciled or silk screened numerals.  At registration you would have to leave your racing license as a deposit until you returned the number.  We spray painted multiple sets of numbers in Phil’s garage one day and the club used these numbers for many years to come.  One of Phil’s favorite tasks was being the official starter at the Cincinnati Criterium and Blue Ash Dash.