This program is open to all QCW Members, yet in no way should be construed as a requirement for general club membership.  Its purpose is to further encourage active member participation in the world of competitive cycling as per the Queen City Wheels Mission Statement:

“The QCW’s mission is to promote the sport of bicycle racing in Greater Cincinnati, OH, to develop, train, coach and select amateur cyclists to compete in such events sponsored and/or sanctioned by USA Cycling, and to promote the sport of cycling primarily for educational purposes.”

Team QCW Members earn Benefit Points by either competing in cycling events (while wearing the current Team QCW kit) or volunteering at QCW sponsored events.  These points accrue by calendar year which can then be applied toward team clothing and/or race fee reimbursements.

Regardless of whether you qualify for a free Team QCW kit, membership on the team remains open year round to anyone who races in the Team QCW kit, purchases a current year QCW Membership, and lists Queen City Wheels on their USAC Racing License.  (Purchase of a USAC License is NOT REQUIRED in order to qualify for Team Benefits.)  No Rider Agreement is required for riders purchasing their own kit and they may also qualify for other Team QCW benefits.  Riders competing in non-USAC sanctioned events such as triathlons are not required to wear the Team QCW kit in those events and may belong to other non-USAC affiliated teams.

The above information applies generally to those riders aged 23+.  Please see the Team Benefits section below for information specific to riders under age 23.

QCW Members meeting all requirements of the Rider Agreement will be considered Team QCW members in good standing.  They will be eligible for all sponsor deals unless otherwise restricted due to requirements of the sponsors themselves.  Members not meeting the requirements will be considered inactive and ineligible for sponsorship discounts until such time as all of the requirements are met.


  • FREE Jersey and Shorts for Switching Teams

USAC Licensed Riders interested in racing for Team QCW who raced for other teams or unattached in the previous year and score at least ten Benefit Points in the prior year based on the schedule below, may be eligible for a FREE Team QCW Race Kit (Jersey & Shorts).  Interested riders should contact the Team Director for specific requirements.  Upon approval by the Director, they will be asked to complete and sign a Rider Agreement.  The number of participants is limited by calendar year.  Applications will be considered and reviewed in the order in which they are received.  QCW reserves the right to include other factors not stated here regarding eligibility for this program.

  • Juniors – Ages 8 to 18

USAC Licensed Junior riders who race for Team QCW are eligible for a FREE QCW Team QCW Jersey.  (Riders aged 13-18 are also eligible for FREE Team QCW Shorts.)  Recipients of this benefit will also be reimbursed for their USAC entry fees as per the schedule in Section IV below.  There is no requirement to earn Benefit Points for race fee reimbursements other than the volunteer requirement, which may be fulfilled by a family member or friend.

These benefits are open to any USA Cycling licensed Junior racing for Team QCW who lives in the greater Cincinnati area.  Interested riders should contact the Team Director and complete a Rider Agreement.  Age eligibility is determined by the age as specified on your USAC License.  Depending upon the rider’s level of race activity, the FREE kit may or may not be given annually.

  • U23 Racers

In addition to the requirements and benefits granted to Juniors, U23 riders (racing ages 19 to 22) who race for Team QCW are eligible for a FREE QCW Shorts and Jersey.  Recipients of this benefit earn Benefit Points at 2x the regular rate in order to qualify for entry fee reimbursements as per the schedule in Section IV below.

  • FREE Kit and Benefits for Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers who reach the 10 Benefit Points level are eligible for one FREE kit regardless of whether they participate in any competitively scored events.  They are also eligible for all other Team QCW benefits by simply achieving one benefit point from volunteering.

  • FREE QCW Race Entries

Team QCW riders’ entry fees are waived for QCW promoted events (e.g. Ault Park Crit Series).  Riders should try to pre-register, but should NOT pay an entry fee.  Check with individual QCW event promoters for how they will handle QCW rider registration.  Wearing the current team kit is mandatory for free entries.

  • FREE Replacement Clothing

Team riders are eligible for replacement of one crash damaged pair of shorts and/or jersey per year.  Clothing must have holes or be significantly damaged to qualify.  Generally, a pair of shorts that hits the pavement is going to tear, but a jersey may only be scuffed and not torn significantly.  Replacements will be approved by a Club Director.  Riders are required to turn over the damaged clothing in exchange for new clothing at the discretion of the Director in charge.  Normal wear and tear of clothing is not covered.

  • USA Cycling Training Camp Subsidy

Eligible team members attending an approved USA Cycling training camp may be reimbursed for 50% of the cost (up to $250.00).  Requests (submitted in advance) will be reviewed by the QCW Board of Directors on an individual basis.

  • Montgomery Cyclery Discount

Team riders are eligible for a 20% Off discount on merchandise purchased at any of the seven Montgomery Cyclery locations.  The discount does not apply to bicycles, but riders are free to work with Montgomery Cyclery on specific bicycle purchases. This benefit is exclusively for items purchased for the personal use of the Team member.

  • Giant Bike “Pro-Deal” Pricing

This opportunity is typically offered once each year in the Fall.  This is a program normally offered by manufacturers to Cat 1 Teams ONLY.  However, Giant Bicycles and Montgomery Cyclery have partnered with Queen City Wheels to supply bicycles to our Team members at unheard of discounts.  The agreement, also referred to as a “Pro-Deal” or “Grass Roots Program”, is normally reserved for the most elite programs in cycling circles.  This is NOT an open-ended commitment by Giant, as the program could be terminated at any time.

  • Priority Bicycle Servicing at Montgomery Cyclery

Priority 72-hour turnaround on repairs not requiring “special order” parts.

  • Discounted Coaching

Wimberg Bike Coaching is owned by Cincinnati’s highest rated USA Cycling licensed coach, Peter Wimberg.  Through Wimberg Bike Coaching, the club provides FREE coaching clinics and discounted coaching programs tailored to members’ needs.

  • Infinit Nutrition

Team members qualify for a 20% discount on basic and custom blended products.  In addition, Infinit Nutrition typically offers a “40% Off” discount twice annually.

Any competitive cycling event that has official scorers and gives awards and/or recognition for finishing or placing will qualify for points and, unless otherwise noted, entry fee reimbursement.  Points accumulate by calendar year.

Each event, whether race (USAC sanctioned or unsanctioned), grand fondo, or time trial will all be tracked and eligible for one point.  Eligible participants must be QCW members in good standing wearing the current Team QCW kit when competing in the event.

Points may be earned as follows:

  • Working at a QCW event = 1 point for every 2 hours (including credit for
    partner/friends). Minimum 1 volunteer point required for any benefits.
  • Competing in official races (USAC, State Champs, TT’s, Senior Games etc. –
    typically fee-based) = 1 point per race.
  • USAC Cat Up = 1 point for each level during a calendar year. Can be in multiple
  • Competing in charity rides and grand fondos will qualify for 1 point but
    will not count toward cash reimbursement (despite the fact that there may be an
    official scoring process).
  • Competing in National Championship events (USAC, Senior Games, etc.) = 2
    points per race.
  • Participate in five Cleves Time Trials = 1 point Per TT maximum of 5.
  • Serve as a QCW Club Officer, Board Member, Director, Manager, or Coordinator
    (as defined in the QCW Management Structure document) = 2 points plus 3
    points for elected officers (even for part year).
  • QCW Race Directors and Time Trial Series Coordinators = 5 points (still qualify for
    additional points for working the individual events).
  • Lead a board approved Committee = 1 point.
  • Attend QCW Board Meetings as guest = 1 point (for every two meetings).
  • Required to ride in current QCW kit for all qualifying events
  • Points must be logged in the Log sheet on Team QCW Google Groups site by
    December 31
Summary Table:
Volunteer Race/Ride
(in current QCW Kit)
Board Direct or Coordinate
1 point per 2 hours 1 point per official race
1 point for any cat-up
2 points for Board
5 points for Race
Director & Cleves
Includes partner/friends 2 points per race at
National Champs (USAC,
3 points (additional) for
elected officer
1 point for leading a
board approved
Min 1 volunteer point
for any benefits
1 point per Cleves TT
(max 5)
1 point for every 2
board meetings
attended as guest
1 point per charity/gran
fondo (not counted for

10 Points = free kit or up to $100 cash 

20 Points = free kit or $100 plus $250 in clothing or up to additional $187.50 in cash

30 Points = free kit or $100 plus $425 in clothing or up to additional $318.75 in cash

Cash reimbursement only up to level of race fees actually incurred.

Volunteers who do not race limited to the 10 points kit award and no cash.

Riders who leave QCW to join another Team will not qualify for any clothing.  However, we will honor our commitment to cover race fees that they would be otherwise entitled (75% of the clothing allowance they earned).

Riders who move from another competitive team to QCW and collected what would have been equal to at least 10 race points under our current system will qualify for a free basic team kit.  It is expected that they will attempt to participate in (at least) a similar number of race events in the year following their move to QCW.

Riders who leave QCW to join another Team will not qualify for any clothing.  However, we will honor our commitment to cover race fees that they would be otherwise entitled (75% of the clothing allowance they earned).

We will audit accounts randomly and any intentionally incorrect logs may result in total forfeiture of benefits at the Club’s discretion.

IMPORTANT: You must accrue at least one QCW volunteer point (or have someone volunteer on your behalf) to qualify for any benefits.  No exceptions.  No excuses.  Free kits and additional kit items are only available to members who have signed a QCW Rider Agreement for the coming season.  Cash is available ONLY up to the level of race fees entered in the Log sheet on Team QCW Google Groups site by December 31.

All QCW Team Members must complete and submit a signed Team Rider Agreement when joining the Team and then each year thereafter in order to remain in good standing. This agreement can be downloaded from the QCW Team section of our website.