All Team QCW riders wishing to receive race entry fee reimbursement must track their Event Points HERE.

If you have questions please contact us.

When logging multiple entries into a one day event (Lionhearts GP for example where you may race 3 events but the second and third race are discounted) you must enter each race individually.  So let’s say you are a masters cat 4 and you sign up for the 4/5 race, the 4 race and the masters 40 plus.  The first race is $30, the second and third each $10 for a total of $50.  It would be logged like this…  Lionheart GP Cat 4/5 $30,  Lionhearts GP Cat 4 $10, Lionhearts GP Masters 40 plus $10.  Each race must be logged separately to count as individual events and the discount for the second and third event must be shown.  There would be 3 individual entries for this event.  You must also log in you finishing placing.  For not finishing a DNF and if you didn’t start it a DNS.  For QCW events that are free you put a $0 in for entry fee. The same for volunteering.