The original series was founded in 1985 by Andy Callahan the original owner of Oakley Cycles, and managed for nearly 20 years by Chief Referee Chuck Doll. In 2004 Bill Lorenz took over the series when Oakley Cycles dropped their involvement and it became a part of the QCW repertorie of events.

All riders and spectators are welcome to this friendly and competitive event. Located on a slope the 1km oval course rises and descends approximately 75 feet per lap. The surface is fairly smooth with one slight corner and one speedy downhill with a couple of serious bumps, followed by an uphill sprint with the sun at your back. It is also closed to traffic and perfect for both new and experienced racers.


5 Wednesday nights in the series:
May 29th
June 5th 
June 12th
June 19th
June 26th – series conclusion

New START TIMES for 2019:

16k @ 6:30 

20k @ 7:15

40k @ 8:00 


  • 16K race at 6:30PM and is 16 laps. Women and Juniors with sprints every 4 laps.
  • 20K race at 7:15PM and is 20 laps. Men Category 4 , Men Category 4 35+ Masters, Men Category 5, Women, Juniors Category 4/5 and 1-Day license holders.
  • 40K race at 8:00PM and is 40 laps. Men Category 1-3, Men Category 4 35+ Masters (ONLY), Women and Juniors Category 3.


The weekly races and overall series are run as a points race, similar to what would normally be run on a velodrome:

  • Riders sprint every 5 laps, (every 4 laps in the 16K) with the first 4 riders being awarded points – 5, 3, 2, 1.
  • The middle and final sprints are worth double points – 10, 6, 4, 2.
  • The rider with the most points at the end of the night wins that night.
  • Points are cumulative over the 5 week series; the rider with the most points after 5 weeks wins the series.
  • All riders who register are awarded 2 points weekly.
  • Ties on total points go to the rider who scored points latest in the race.
  • Any riders who lap the field will receive a 20 point bonus (except the 16k).
  • The highest points earner who is NOT a Men Category 1-2 rider will win a weekly prize and series prize, but they can only score points by being in the top 4 across the line on sprint laps.
  • Points sprints are announced with a bell.


Go to to complete your entry form and save $5, pay nothing until you show up to race.
  • Entry forms completed at race venue will pay a one-time $5 surcharge.
  • Entry Fee: $25 per night, includes USAC $3.75 rider insurance.
  • Entry is free to current QCW members racing in the current Team QCW kit.
  • On-line registration & form is open only until two days before the first night of racing.
  • Race-day registration is available with NO late fees other than one-time $5 entry form completion surcharge. Entry fees are non-refundable. 

Your first registration includes one free race number which you will keep and use for the ENTIRE series. Replacement numbers will be available for $5.

ALL riders are encouraged to use BikeReg to fill out their entry form. You can fill out the form without paying. Be sure and complete your “transaction” even though there is no fee. $5 surcharge for riders filling out entry form at the event.

40K riders should wait to register wait until 7:00, unless there is no line.


16K and 20K – Bragging rights and primes.

40K – $90 / 3 places, plus $10 bonus and primes.
 1st – $40
 2nd – $30
3rd – $20
Bonus – $10 (Highest points earner who is NOT a Men Category 1-2 rider)  


16K – $185 / 5 places.  Plaques are also awarded / 5 places.
1st – $75
2nd – $50
3rd – $25
4th – $20
5th – $15
20K – $400 / 8 places.  Plaques are also awarded / 5 places.
1st – $100
2nd – $75
3rd – $50
4th – $45
5th – $40
6th – $35
7th – $30
8th – $25
40K – $540 / 9 places, plus $25 bonus.  Plaques are also awarded / 5 places. Bonus plaque for first non 1-2 rider.
1st – $125
2nd – $100
3rd – $75
4th – $50
5th – $45
6th – $40
7th – $35
8th – $30
9th – $25
10th – $20
Bonus – $25 (Highest points earner who is NOT a Men Category 1-2 rider) 
In addition to the cash prizes and awards Montgomery Cyclery is providing primes on a weekly basis.


The most parking spots are on Observatory Avenue. Park as close as you can to Observatory Circle. You can also park on Heekin go past the road closed sign. There will be police officers at both intersections with Observatory Circle to block cars from entering.


This is a USAC event and you MUST present a current USAC license at registration in order to race. You may purchase or renew your license online at USA Cycling. If you purchase online, you can print out a license which you can use until your official license arrives in the mail.

You may also purchase a 1-day license for $15 at race registration. This fee is in addition to the race entry fee.



  • QCW members wearing the current team kit race for free.
  • Neutral mechanical support provided by Montgomery Cyclery.
  • Riders deemed riding in a hazardous manner may be pulled from the race at the chief referee’s discretion.
  • Riders will be issued one bib number for the entire series. Replacement numbers subject to a $5 additional charge.
  • Riders must race the category displayed on their license. One-day license available for 20K & 16K races only.
  • Prize list and distance subject to change based on the promoters’ discretion.
  • Riders are limited to one race per night (except Women and Juniors).
  • Races held rain or shine, no refunds.
  • No lapped riders
  • No sales, solicitations, consumption of alcohol may occur in association with this event.
  • Riders use the same bib numbers for the entire series.
  • Event flyer.
  • Contact the promoter with additional questions.