The Events Calendar here on the website will list any regularly scheduled training rides QCW or otherwise.  Members may post ride information to this area. Additionally the calendar will have information concerning QCW Races and meetings.

Useful Links

Race Calendars:

Ohio Cycling Association racing calendar
BikeReg racing calendar
Truesport racing calendar
Ohio Spring Race Series
Ohio Valley Cyclocross
Cincinnati Cyclocross
Montgomery Cyclery calendar
Lexington racing calendar
Indiana/Kentucky Cycling Association

USA Cycling Ohio
USA Cycling Kentucky
USA Cycling Indiana
USA Cycling West Virginia 
USA Cycling Tennessee 
USA Cycling Michigan


E-mail discussion groups:
These are great resources for finding training rides that vary from day-to-day.

Gears 4 Beers is a very large group of riders who lead a ton of rides from Nesbit park in Loveland. They do like to socialize also. They have rides pretty much every Saturday and Sunday and many rides during the week. Wednesday evenings in the summer is one of their hard fast rides. They are not a race team, but count riders from many different teams among their members. Gears 4 Beers website .

Team QCW group is open only to QCW members who race in the current Team QCW kit.


After racing you’re bound to find some great photos at Jeffrey Jakucyk Photography.


Training Log:
If you use a GPS or smartphone while training you can upload your training data to the Team QCW Strava Club and share your efforts with the rest of the team. Contact us if you’re interested in having download access.


Tracy Segar’s Paceline Rideing Tips:

  • Hold your line (ride in a straight and predictable fashion).
  • Call out turns well in advance. If you realize a turn too late, ride PAST the turn, and announce “turning around”.
  • Feather your brakes.
  • Say “up” prior to standing out of the saddle, do not skip a stroke, throwing your bike backwards in the process.
  • Eat/drink towards the back, perhaps outside the paceline.
  • Bring your own stuff for repairs and know how to use it.
  • Yell “mechanical” when someone has a flat or other problem.
  • Point out dogs/potholes/cracks with plenty of warning if possible.
  • No 1 finger waves.
  • If next in line for a pull, look at your speed and keep that speed. Once you’re on the front, accelerate slowly if you wish.
  • When at the front never coast, even downhill, it causes people following you to run into each other.
  • No yo-yo pacelines (speeding up and slowing down).
  • If a known hole/crack is coming up and you’re the lead, move your train in plenty of time to smoothly go around said obstacle. No last second movements.
  • If you need to skip a pull DO NOT go to the front and pull off, sit at the back.
  • To safely sit at the back skipping pulls, move to the left behind the rider who is dropping off the front so they don’t even see you when they are looking for the end of the line.
  • Snot rockets into empty space or put your hand down to block it from hitting the rider behind you.
  • Pull off INTO the wind (use your ears to tell which way the wind is coming from — only a big issue on open flats and windy days).
  • Slight hand or elbow movement to indicate you’re done with your pull.
  • Pull off THEN slow down — but not too much.
  • Trash in your back pockets not on the ground.

And then there are the Velominati training ride “rules” along with this suggestion of how you might deal with injury during a race.